EPIGRAM Kick-Off Meeting, Ile de Ré, 18th-20th March 2009

General introduction (Yves Morel) - pdf 
- Axis 1 : Barotropical tide

Spreading processes of mixed waters - Audrey Pasquet

Barotropic tide modelling - Florent Lyard

- Axis 2 : Tides and internal waves

Internal tide - Pascale Bouruet Aubertot

- Axis 3 : Large scale seasonal processes and deep-sea/coastal exchanges

Channel circulation MOUTON2007-1 - Yves Morel

Bobyclim - Frédéric Vandermeirsh

Shelf dynamics MOUTON2008-4 - Stéphanie Louazel

Shelf dynamics ASPEX - Louis Marié

Coastal-open ocean exchanges MOUTON2005-2 - Yves Morel

Navidad - Bernard Le Cann

Shelf dynamics - State of the art - Pascal Lazure

- Axis 4 : Atmospheric and river plume influences on the shelf dynamics

Extreme events - Nadia Ayoub

Mixed layer dynamics - Cécile Renaudie

Mixed layer dynamics MOUTON-AXBT - Yves Morel

- Axe 5 : Waves and circulation

Wave dynamics - Fabrice Ardhuin

Waves and littoral currents - Yann Leredde

- Transverse axis observations/measurements

Salinity measurements - Marc Lemen


Surface currents, HF radar - Philippe Forget

Projects AZTI Gascogne - Julien Mader

- Transverse axis numerical modelling

Numerical modelling, overview of the modelling meeting in Autrans - Patrick Marsaleix

MARS modelling - Valérie Garnier

HYCOM modelling - Yves Morel

Model intercomparisons - Bruno Levier

Overview of the meeting - pdf